Recycling is (or should be) an important aspect of our everyday life. With the enormous amount of waste, especially plastic waste, the humanity is generating, recycling and re-using has to be of the utmost importance. Unfortunately, in many countries recycling practices are still not widely implemented. Even in many developed countries simple procedures, such as separate waste collection, are not part of people’s daily routines. In many places there simply aren’t any recycling or waste-sorting factories.

Our web-site will provide you a lot of the necessary information about recycling practices in Europe. We will give a general overviews of the importance of recycling, as well as practical tips and recommendations. We will discuss the existing recycling procedures, supported by the government, in several European countries. Moreover, we will provide some less well-known recycling options that can help you to lead a sustainable life even if your government is not providing you with many options to do so. There’s a couple easy ways to reduce your impact:

  1. Fly less or use the carbon-conscious flight comparison site FlyGRN. Plus offset the carbon emissions (CO2) of your flight.
  2. Consume less or use second hand or refurbished. A great example of a site that refurbishes equipment is Aliter Networks
  3. Recycle, use less plastic
  4. Eat less or no meat
  5. Switch to a renewable energy electricity provider if these exist in your country.


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